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Doctor of Dental Surgery (University of Milan, 2008), Postgraduate degree in Orthodontics (University of Milan, 2011), Second Level Master’s degree in Forensic Odontology (University of Florence, 2012), Doctor of Philosophy in Morphological Sciences (University of Milan, 2015), Master of Science degree in Evidence-Based Health Care (University of Oxford, 2019). All degrees were conferred cum laude.

The primary geographical areas where my expertise are employed are in Milan and Lombardy, where I held the position of orthodontic clinical manager at the Sant’Isidoro Hospital in Trescore Balneario (Bergamo, Italy).
I am the author of various conference presentations and publications concerning orthodontics, and have been a SIDO and ProOF member since 2012.

Since the commencement of my tertiary education, my focus has primarily been on orthodontics and research.
Through dedication-driven enthusiasm to orthodontics, extensive and solid expertise has been amassed. Knowledge with respects any orthodontic appliance includes classic and aesthetic intervention, destined for teeth straightening: both metal or ceramic fixed braces, clear aligners (Invisalign) and lingual invisible braces, placed on the inner surface of teeth (Incognito).

Over the years more than one thousand patients, made up of a mix of children, adolescents, and adults, have been treated. About a hundred or so new cases are started annually, with the remaining time invested in research, publishing and presentations.
Combining clinical expertise with in-depth study of the best scientific research and development, several diverse treatment protocols specific for a range malocclusion have been employed. Key components of my treatments are made up of the following criteria: the choice of the best age at which to intervene, the employment of appliances and procedure that are considered efficient and effective drawn from scientific evidence, the predictability and long-term stability of results, as well as taking into consideration patients’ expectations and needs.

My philosophy of treatment

My approach takes inspiration from the principles of “Evidence-Based Medicine”, studied during a Master of Science at Oxford University and a Doctor of Philosophy programme.
The three principles (individual clinical expertise, best external evidence, patient values and expectations) are re-elaborated and simplified within the motto contained in the logo: “Orthodontics, from research to patient”.

Individual clinical expertise

A high level of the utmost professionalism, attention to the minutest of detail and a no compromise attitude are the essential traits which I bring to my chosen specialization.

Best external evidence

Treatments are based on the best scientific evidence illustrating which patient-suited applications are truly effective, with predictable, rapid and stable outcomes. Furthermore, studying research permits me to be constantly up-to-date with the most innovative diagnostic and therapeutic techniques available in the dynamic field of Orthodontics.

Patient values and expectations

Patients take an active part in the orthodontic treatment, being informed in a straightforward and clear manner of the orthodontic issues, potential or available alternatives and the objectives of the treatment. Armed with aforementioned, they can take informed and reasoned decisions based on the explanations presented to them and collaborate in the process together with their dental healthcare giver.

Dr. Giorgio Cacciatore receives in Milan and Curno

fixed metal braces
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